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Have fun learning with these websites...


ABC Fast Phonics

It is a free tutorial that uses cartoons and sounds with audio narration 

and clickable words to teach phonics. 

This method teaches just basic phonics concepts without struggle or frustration 

and includes rules for vowels, consonants, and blends along with practice pages.

ABC Match

To play, just click on the cards to find the picture and beginning letter that match. is the leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students 
to learn on the web. All educational games are free and are modeled from primary grade lessons
 and enhanced to provide an interactive way for children to learn.

Adapted Books

A great list of adapted books for early literacy that can be downloaded in .pdf format.
There are also some additional materials.

Use this free site to build reading and life skills. 

Topics include working, law and government, family, school, health and safety, housing money, etc. 

Choose a topic, listen to the story, watch the video, learn the words, spell the words, play a game, pick an answer...

Arcademic Skills Builder

Race games including math, money, time, spelling, word relationships, typing, etc.


BBC Literacy

Fun activities to help children learn more about phonics, rhyming, alphabet, 

spelling, pronouns, joining words, similar meanings, using punctuation, and making sentences.

Best of the Reader

A series of e-books for Adult Literacy
 and English as a Second Language Learners.
It has 14 e-books and  a teacher's guide.

Between the lions
A variety of simple games for children and beginning readers by PBS kids including the ABC Watermelon Game

Brain POP ESL (Free Games)

Some of the videos and games are available for free. 

BrainPOP ESL uses highly engaging animated videos to model conversational English.

The games include matching, listening to teh prompt and identifying the image, filling in the gaps, and the words that do not belong, etc.

Building Language for Literacy

Simple drag and drop vocabulary activities (naming the words, letter-sound recognition and rhyming). 

Topics include home, store, restaurant, firehouse, farm, supermarket, etc.

Busy Beavers

Learn English by singing and having fun. Online resources for Levels 1 & 2.


Cielito's Literacy Website for Beginners

The exercises in this website are chosen to reinforce
and supplement each basic life-skills unit and basic grammar unit learned in
ESL beginning literacy classes.

Color Vowel Chart

Learn English vowel sounds with colors. 

Click on the color to listen the word combination.

Colorful Clothesline

A lesson to introduce beginner students to colors, clothing and patterns.
It includes 2 quizzes. 

Crickweb Literacy

An amazing resource for you and your children.
253 free educational games and activities including spelling, reading, alphabetical order and, grammar.
165 plus links. 


Daily ESL

This site presents short readings about the topics from daily life conversations. 

Students can listen to the conversation starters and then complete the follow up activities.


1,500+ ESL conversations on 25 topics including 

small talk, renting an apartment, taking a bus, daily life, 

shopping, at the bank, etc. 

High quality recordings. Suitable for CLB levels 1-4. 

ELF Learning

A fun website for everyone who loves learning. 

There are videos featuring songs and flashcards for beginner ESL learners.

English Central

A great collection of short interactive videos including a variety of topics such as 

Academic, Business,  Career, Media, Social English and not only.

English Express

A great website for adult ESL literacy learners and teachers 

developed by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology.

You can read, listen (you will have to download the audio file) 

and print articles to read in class.

Lots of ideas and quality resources.

English Learning Box

Engage the learners with real English. 

It gives learners listening and speaking practice 

with a wide range of everyday conversational situations.

English Vocabulary

Practice English vocabulary, the alphabet and numbers. Place the cursor over the image to hear it pronounced aloud. 

ESL Kid Stuff

Short audio recordings (30 sec) on featuring basic vocabulary.
A great alternative to chants.

ESL Kid Stuff Website

ESL kids flashcards, songs, videos and much more!!!

ESL Literacy Readers

Fantastic readers from the Bow Valley College by phases 
and including exciting topics such as everyday life and jobs.

ESL Memory Games

Concentration games, vocabulary memory games, grammar memory games, 

games for ESL kids, word recognition, word spelling, theme vocabulary memory games.

Everyday English OUP

Listen and practice short dialogues by Oxford University Press
 including topics such as party, shopping, sightseeing, personal questions, etc.


Simple Read and Listen Exercises from Level 0 to 3.
A great variety of games to choose from including 
number, word, matching, parts of speech 
by level and grade from Kindergarten to Grade 8.


Grammar Ninja

Excellent resource for practicing 

parts of speech and sentence construction by level.

Grammar Practice Park

Grammar activities by grade (grades 3 to 5) including sentence construction, 

nouns, past and future, pronouns, plurals, verbs, prepositions, etc.


Highlight Kids 

A great site for reading stories and playing games.


Interactive English Spelling Games and Activities

Lots of literacy games by Mandy Barrow including
online talking stories, spelling, plurals, alphabet, days of the month, reading key words, etc.

Interactive Phonemic Chart

Click on the sound to listen to its pronunciation and an example.


Janis's ESL Links

An outstanding collection of links including topics such as
people, work, everyday activities, home, our community, our world, food,
health, getting around, communication, etc.



Sound and word activities online by language (L1 and L2) and age (pre-K to age 7-8)
including high quality worksheets, videos, reading games, short stories, etc.


Language Arts Games at Mr. Nussbaum

Free and simple language arts games including reading, spelling, punctuation, typing 

from pre-K to Gr. 6. 

Learn American English Online

The website is free. There are seven color-coded levels of instruction. 

Learners can read and listen to a story by level and then record their own reading. 

It also has videos, lessons, exercises and quizzes.

Learn English 

Read, click and listen including 40 learning topics 

with over 1,500 English words and phrases.

Learn English Kids 

A fun website for kids by British Council 

including games, stories, songs and videos to listen and watch.

Learn English Online

Free English lessons for all levels by topics including 

picture vocabulary, matching and fill-in-the gaps activities.  

Learning Chocolate

Vocabulary learning activities by topics including animals, senses, home, 

community, food, holidays, house, etc. 

Students can click on the picture to listen to the words and complete some practice exercises.

Learning Games

Cookie is a  fun website for kids to play educational games 

to learn to read with phonics, build skills in math, language and much more. 

It includes ESL lessons.

A wiki for literacy learners. 
Practice activities include mouse, listening, personal information, ABC, reading, food, typing, health, family, etc. 
A well-organized excellent on-line resource.

Literacy at BBC Schools

Literacy games for ages 7 to 11 including phonics, CVC words, consonant clusters,
 long vowel sounds, high frequency words, etc.

Literacy Centre

Interactive literacy activities including uppercase and lowercase letters, 

shapes, writing, words, numbers, colors, and keyboard.

Literacy Exercises

A website for adult ESL learners including ESL literacy. 

Listen and complete simple tasks. 

Topics include grocery shopping, paying a phone bill, healthy routines, etc.

Look Cover Write and Check

Interactive memory spelling activities. 

Look at the word, cover it, type it and then check. 


Many Things

This is a collection of English vocabulary word lists with online activities. 

You can study a set of words, then choose a game.

Memory and Match

ESL memory and match including the topics such as

 animals, body, face, food, sweets, fruits, play, school, etc

Mouse Exercises

Simple mouse exercises for the learners with no previous exposure to the computer

 for developing skills such as placing and clicking the mouse, drag and drop, and drawing.

Mouse Master

Simple mouse skill building exercises developed by the Center for Education and Training

 including  pointing, clicking with single and double click, drag and drop, scrolling, etc.

Mr. Anker Test

Online literacy practice activities including 

numbers, animals, clock, and shapes.


News for students of English by levels from 0 to 3. 



PBSKids Games
Lots of games on different topics for kids and their children to enjoy by PBS kids. 
Topics include reading, number, letter, rhyming, counting, math, literacy, spelling, health, etc.

Primary Games

A large variety of games for kids including action games, 

videos, math, cooking, racing, dress up, etc.



A great quality phonics teaching resource. Free.

Although a resource for K-12, there are wonderful tools and resources 
that can be easily adapted for use in the adult literacy classroom. 

Road to Grammar

Grammar quizzes and games for ESL learners with good literacy skills.

Road to Grammar Junior

Grammar quizzes and games for younger ESL learners with good literacy skills.

REEP World

A great website for ESL literacy learners including 

stories with skill building exercises focused on English for work, family, and health.


Show me the letter

Interactive alphabet game.

Simple Sentences

Learn the correct sentence formation and punctuation. 

Spelling City

A great website to make your own word lists and games or to use some of already made.
Teaching resources also include some video lessons.


Everyone's favorite! A free public service to teach children to read with phonics. 

Storyline Online

Watch and listen to children's books read by Screen Actors Guild members. 


Free audio stories for kids.


Teaching Time

Online activities to learn about time.

The ABC Zoo

Baby ABC game to learn the ABC's with animals.

The Official Westcoast Reader

An outstanding online newspaper for Adult ESL readers.
Lots of great things for learners and teachers.

The Sounds of American English

Learn American English pronunciation with this interactive resource 

including videos and examples.

The Times in Plain English

An international reading platform for ESL learners. 

News made easier including topics such as money and work, health and education, immigration, law, politics, etc.

Children's shows, games, printables by TreeHouse TV

 including Dora the explorer Swiper's spelling Book.


USA Learns

A free website for adults to learn English including basic reading, writing and life skills. Registration is necessary.

Some free learning games for children up to ten years old 

including interactive stories, songs, videos, and much more...



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